streaming analytics apamaForrester Research Inc.’s “The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics Solutions, Q3 2014” isn’t just another research report. I believe that it’s a wake-up call to businesses in every sector and recognition of the accelerating pace at which data is harvested for real-time information, enabling companies to make informed decisions at speed and at scale. Don’t just take my word for it: download the new Forrester Wave™ on Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms and see for yourself. Companies are rightly excited about the possibilities of Big Data – one of the biggest trends in computing for years – but it’s becoming clear that just analyzing terabytes of past data from business processes and transactions can end up delivering stale facts and trailing guidance. It only gives you a “rear-view mirror” view of the world. For teams competing in the recent football World Cup, wouldn’t it have been an advantage to take action during the match based on real-time data, rather than just analyzing it at the end of the game to improve for the next match? Today’s Forrester Wave recognizes the important of real-time analysis – this is what Big Data Streaming Analytics is all about. Looking at business in real-time enables organizations to better optimize operations, seize revenue opportunities and manage risk. And the use of Streaming Analytics is one way that Intelligent Business Operations can be realized – something the market and Software AG has been talking about for some time. One of the most impressive aspects highlighted in the Wave is the universality of real-time analytics. No matter what industry you’re talking about – financial services, telecoms, logistics, or energy – the sheer size and scope of data presents a challenge but also, of course, a major opportunity. Some of the key capabilities that Forrester looked for in their evaluation were:

  • Ingesting big data from sensors, market data, transactions and business processes, and making it available for analysis nearly instantly
  • Performing streaming analytics on a heterogeneous set of data sources
  • Discovering patterns in the data to reveal insights relevant to business challenges and opportunities
  • Automating intelligent actions based on complex rules specific to each company and each situation
  • Providing visual alerts and visual dashboards to support fast decision-making

There are tools available for each of these steps, but integrating them all can be a real headache for most companies. Fortunately, there’s a select group of software providers who can remove that hurdle by offering the best products, already tightly integrated. Apama is already a highly respected product in this area, but it stands out even further with its tight integration with Software AG Terracotta which provides in-memory data management and very high performance messaging. We’re obviously delighted that Software AG is cited as a leader in this report, but it’s not a surprise given our continued investment in this market. Apama has received praise from IDC, Waters and DataWeek, amongst others. In short, we believe Apama together with Terracotta is the best platform when it comes to Big Data Streaming Analytics. You can find out more at our new Big Data Streaming Analytics Reports Portal. We’ll be back soon to drill down on what Big Data Streaming Analytics means to one sector in particular, Capital Markets, where acting on data at speed is a key requirement for success. Until then, I encourage you to read the new Forrester Wave on Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms and see how this powerful technology can help your business act fast.

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