SAG_Social_Media_913x560_Enrich-Data,-Empower-Data-Stewards_Sep15This October at Software AG’s Innovation World 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, webMethods OneData will celebrate with a special master data management (MDM) message directed toward data stewards and data business analysts.

Yes – OneData still provides the necessary system integration to holistically govern, enrich and deploy any kind of sharable data across the digital enterprise. And yes, OneData is a recognized leader for systematic data governance; supporting multiple data management use cases in a single platform, including multi domain management of master data, reference data, metadata, and the ability to realize the real-world relationships between those datasets through hierarchy management. And, well – yes again: OneData is a process-driven, MDM data management solution with the versatility to align master data management and process improvement initiatives.

However, when you come to the webMethods OneData booth this year, we may insist on providing you a demo for the major enhancements to OneData’s user-interface, designed for MDM data stewards.

OneData customers will quickly note the new clarity and accessibility of the new data steward screens, especially in the views of hierarchical parent child relationships.

What’s more, the new UI’s increased usability supports a powerful multi-domain, global search functionality. This added flexibility will enable the MDM business community to quickly address, research and help promote MDM’s desired outcome of good and consistent data.

This is good news for our customers who have implemented webMethods OneData as a centralized system of record for product and reference data (code sets). Customers in the insurance industry, for example, who use the OneData repository as their single-source for code set management, will be providing more support for hundreds of internal customers needing to leverage one trusted resource for quick look-ups of application-critical reference data.

Further empowering webMethods MDM business users, release 9.9 enables explicit transaction support for multiple API calls, covering any number of data objects further promotes data enrichment.

So, do come by. And, tell ‘em Charlie sent ya”

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