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Charlie Greenberg
By Charlie Greenberg - December 9, 2015

SAG_LinkedIn_MEME_913x560_Dont_Code_ConnectYour grandpa’s integration just won’t cut it anymore. If the explosion of the Internet of Things and Big Data and the dynamic arrival of new cloud and on-premises applications have taught us anything, it is that writing code to support enterprise integration is not the most efficient way to do things.

Today’s integration challenges, whether you are deploying applications and databases in the cloud or on premises, or utilizing hybrid integration to support both, are better addressed using connectors.

Connectors provide a lightweight and agile response to changing business needs; providing a quick way to address challenges like new regulations, mergers, mobile apps or cloud integration. Business drivers like these compel computing landscapes to continuously adapt by increasing the number and variety of internal/external, point-to-point integrations between companies, customers and partners.

For years, Software AG’s integration platform has itself adapted to these kind of business requirements by responsively developing a comprehensive library of on-premises connectors, including SAP®, Oracle®, Peoplesoft® and JD Edwards™ ERP system environments; as well as integration with Siebel™,®, IBM® webSphere® and AS/400®. These connectors have provided businesses the real-time flexibility necessary to avoid transactional bottlenecks and silioed computing.

Add webMethods CloudStreams and Integration Cloud into the mix and companies can take advantage of the latest connector technology for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), including the partner SOAP API connector for®, Salesforce Bulk API connector and Twitter® Streaming API connector, Successfactors® and ServiceNow®.

Additionally, for those organizations running cloud-based eCommerce and CRM applications, Software AG has just added connectors for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Magento®, and Zuora®.

Software AG connectors are designed as plug-ins, requiring little to no coding. For example, the CloudStreams connector framework provides a simple, configuration-based way of connecting with SaaS applications, enabling connectivity to be realized in a matter of days, as opposed to weeks (or even months). Plus, Software AG’s connector technology is standardized, meaning that the SaaS connectors can be viewed as an extension of those in the on-premises library.

The connector library provides direct integration not only for leading application types (e.g., CRM, ERP), but also recognizes connectivity requirements generated by multiple leading and emerging application vendors.

Connectors are the future, so don’t code – connect! Want to view a webMethods connector? Please click here for downloading a free-trial!

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