SAG_LinkedIn_MEME_913x560_IW_AgileAppsCurrently, there are many application development offerings in the market that are geared for one of two modes, either long term, largescale projects or spur of the moment small scale opportunities. It seems like you can’t have both. The first mode supports plan-oriented strategic methodology which has the advantage of efficiency and longevity, but it also comes with the risk of missing out on unforeseen opportunities. Mode 2 is the inverse of Mode 1 and allows companies to rapidly deploy new ideas but comes at the cost of scalability and reliability.

The problem with this dichotomy is that the business environment is too dynamic for systems that force enterprises to sacrifice one mode for the other. Fortunately, the separation of bimodal IT is starting to be addressed. While the two modes still exist separately, it is now possible to take advantage of both on the same platform. Applications can be designed to offer whichever capability the current situation requires.

Say, for example, a company is planning to mass produce and market a new product over an extended period of time. In this situation, mode 1 would be best. But if a new business opportunity unexpectedly opens up within the industry, mode 2 would be necessary to get a jump on the new market. With a platform that supports both modes of bimodal IT, the company can continue with their original plan and simultaneously capitalize on the new opportunity.

The best way to achieve bimodal capability is with a single software platform that offers both reliability and agility, such as webMethods Agile Process Platform.

The Agile Process platform is stable & scalable and provides unique flexibility to adapt to changing business processes, regulations, and other business needs by supporting bimodal IT.

With the Agile Process platform, small scale applications can be rapidly deployed by citizen developers so that the enterprise can quickly respond to any changes in the business environment. If it is later realized that a smaller application sees a lot more adoption than anticipated and could be used in the long term, it is no longer necessary to scrap the existing app and start from scratch. Agile Process offers the more efficient alternative of taking existing assets and handing them over to IT to have them extended as required, which saves the time and cost of starting from scratch.

Whether you need a small tactical app right away or wish to develop a large scale strategic asset, you can have the best of both worlds on a single platform.


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