SAG_LinkedIn_MEME_913x560_IoT-and-ApamaThe Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over the world, creating products that interact in an intelligent, meaningful way with customers and organizations. In Software AG’s Apama 9.9 we offer additional support for IoT devices which, when combined with our enhanced support for Predictive Analytics and Docker, provides a solid foundation for an IoT platform.

In our last postings we discussed how adding support for Predictive Analytics enables companies to respond and influence to critical events before they happen, and Docker support makes it easier to deploy Apama in the cloud.

In this final instalment of what’s new in Apama, I’ll be covering our additional support for IoT devices.

IoT is creating a more efficient world for organizations, helping them to perform preventive maintenance, to predict and avoid events, or even monitor a person’s health remotely. To name three examples:

  • Manufacturers can monitor production lines and carry out preventative maintenance before a part of the line fails, preventing unplanned shutdowns;
  • Retailers can respond better to customer needs by monitoring customers heading towards the checkouts in order to reduce queues by increasing the numbers of checkouts operating;
  • Doctors can remotely monitor the effectiveness of medications on a continuous basis to better understand their patients’ health, even heading off emergency room visits by proactively having a patient come back for a follow-up appointment.

In short, the IoT can be used to refine operations across all organizations to make them more efficient than ever before, while bringing huge advantages to customers at the same time. While some companies are figuring out how they can benefit from embracing IoT, many others are forging ahead.

Software AG believes that a huge amount of the value in IoT lies in being able to use of the huge amounts of data being collected by the devices. To make this easier, we have added connectors for the leading industry standard IoT protocols MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) and AMQP (Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol).

Without going too deeply in the details of the two protocols, MQTT and AMQP specify how IoT devices should talk to the back-end systems that support them in a way that makes the different types of device and the systems that support them interoperable, in much the same way as HTTP makes it easy for web pages to be rendered, regardless of the browser they are being displayed on.

The support of these two key protocols makes it easy to integrate Apama 9.9 into any IoT solution, delivering the advantages of being able to react and respond to events that have happened - or are predicted to happen – even in an IoT environment, while you can still alter the outcome.

Apama 9.9 with IoT support is predictive, preventive and effective. What more do you need?

To read more about what’s new in Apama 9.9, please see: ‘What’s new in the world’s #1 streaming analytics platform’.


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