Customer satisfaction is always important, it improves retention and builds loyalty. It is a big differentiator for success in any industry segment but even more so in industries where the competition is very high such as Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics. Technology can play a key role in keeping your customers satisfied and happy.

In this blog post, we will discuss 3 steps you can take to improve the satisfaction level of your customers.

1. Listen and adapt - First step is to check the satisfaction level of your customers. You can also compare your retention rates with industry averages and check how many customers are coming back to buy same or different products from you. Analytics plays a major role in tracking behavior, trends and patterns. For analytics, you can use simple surveys Or complex technology to slice and dice your sales numbers. Use the results to tweak your sales strategy and customer support functions.

2. Innovate and improve - Think outside the box to improve satisfaction. Your customers check the delivery status on your website, how about giving them a mobile app which receives 'push notifications' for delivery. How about giving them an App for ordering from you to simplify the Ordering process? You customer may not necessarily ask for these features but that is how you stay ahead of the curve and provide better satisfaction than your competitors. Generate ideas to improve B2B customer satisfaction and use technology to set new standards.

3. Measure and track - Customer satisfaction can change very quickly and you need to be able to measure it and also be able to track the event that caused the change. Was it one bad Order that suddenly caused a minor dip in satisfaction or is it something larger that can impact the relationship? Major or minor, you certainly do not want to take the risk and should track satisfaction levels multiple times a year. It will also provide visibility into which strategies are working and which ones are not.

Every company tracks revenue and profits, but very few companies track Customer Satisfaction at the top level. Customer satisfaction should not just be left to customer support, and should be tracked at the highest level along with other KPIs.



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