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Just before Christmas last year, Charlie Greenberg’s blog about Master Data Management implementation hit a sweet spot for the readers of, making it our best-viewed blog over the past 12 months.

The blog is about a simple seven-step guide (which, in part, promoted a webMethods OneData video) tells customers how to ensure superior data quality across all MDM domains. This is achieved by creating a single, trusted master data record to eliminate data redundancy and inaccuracy; providing greater value and insights from their data.

Why was this particular blog so successful?

“MDM implementations can be very daunting undertakings,” said Charlie, Senior Manager for MDM, B2B and MFT Product Marketing at Software AG. “Not only is there the technical complexity of implementing relationships between enterprise systems of record and the MDM hub, but also how companies will orchestrate and configure their MDM implementation to enforce data governance.   The title of the blog offers one possible checklist to ensure success,” he concluded.

Read the entire blog here:

And watch the two-minute video here: video

Here are the top ten blogs on for the past 12 months:

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