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Carla's Test Title 2

Carla's test title 2 body copy

Realizing Enterprise Agility

It’s energizing to spend time with thought leaders focused on taking their company to the next level of performance and...

Fraudsters No Match for Adaptive Intelligence

by Lindsey Anderson, Terracotta and Apama, Vice President Sales

In a recent conversation with one of my customers, we...

Accelerating Mobile Momentum

Using our consumer mobile experience and dropbox, as an analogy:

A Metaphor to Help Understand (Some) Enterprise Mobile Challenges

I love metaphors. I find that they're a good way to explain things that I can't can't seem to fully explain well otherwise....

APIs for Innovative Cloud & Mobile Apps

Really sorry for the late notice - but that shouldn't take away from the quality of the content!

Webinar Recap: Mobile Insights

Last week, Manmohan and I delivered a well attended webinar on why API's are critical to an innovative mobile strategy. The...

The Circle of Life

"People are going to use them for personal productivity, but that's not where real work will be done."

Ok, maybe that's not a...

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