Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Lessons from a Six-Year-Old: Selling Coupon Books Is Hard
For anyone that has a child attending school, raising funds for events is a constant activity.
Lessons From a Six-Year-Old: Time and Trust

I was in the car when my six-year-old son said: “I have learned two important things from watching TV.”

Protect your IP & Tackle Piracy

The world’s largest manufacturer is China, which makes everything from low cost commodities to luxury items. China is also...

Manufacturers Move to Protect Intellectual Property

Counterfeit goods are big business; from fake handbags to drugs and electronics, they cost manufacturers a staggering $1.7...

Manufacturers will Collaborate to Innovate

This year manufacturers will begin to actively collaborate and cooperate—with partners, vendors and even each other—in order...

Inventory Visibility: Availability with Certainty

Satisfying the demands of increasingly impatient customers, many of whom require small quantities of products very quickly,...

In 2016, the Internet of Things Fuels New Revenues

The manufacturing industry is changing at breakneck pace, with the traditional product-based sales and service model...

Manufacturers: Obsessed with Customer Focus

In the early 1900’s Henry Ford famously said about the Model T: “You can have any color, as long as it’s black.” The quote...

Manufacturing 2016: A Digital Transformation

We will see a dramatic digital transformation in manufacturing in 2016, as the industry seeks to become more flexible and...

Bottom Line Drives Manufacturers’ Digital Transformation

From leveraging the Internet of Things to analyzing and acting upon streaming data, digital technology is transforming the...

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