Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Prepare for the Peak

Achieving the omni-channel dream means ensuring you are prepared for peak business traffic, which also benefits your...

The Omni-Channel Destination is Not Always Clear

For the world’s retailers, the journey towards omni-channel is unstoppable, but the actual destination is not always clear.

Predictive Analytics: Stopping Retail Fraudsters

Using predictive analytics retailers can predict where, when and how “return fraud” may occur.

Predictive Retail: Beyond “One in Front” Service

Predictive analytics in retail means knowing—with a great deal of certainty—what your customers are going to want and when,...

Location, Location, Location: Beyond Real Estate

I just had the pleasure in joining a webinar given by guest speaker Mike Gualtieri, principal analyst of Forrester Research....

IoT Can Bring Shelves to Life

Internet of Things-enabled smart shelving will give retailers a whole new meaning for the term “shelf life.”

Do You Know Who I Am?

Location analytics tools and the Internet of Things can help retailers target customers for preferential treatment, creating...

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Sometimes you want to go

Suits You Sir! IoT is Made to Measure

Thanks to the Internet of Things, 3D body scanners that take your measurements and order your clothes are coming to a train...

What to Look for From the Retail Industry in 2015

Retail is an evolving, exciting industry right now, and that's unlikely to change in 2015. Disruptive forces will continue...

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