Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

When Worlds Collide: Retail and IoT

A recent report from Retail Systems Research (RSR) foretells of an imminent collision between the Internet of Things and...

Omni-Channel: Conduct Your “Orchestra”

The omni-channel dream can be achieved once your supply chain network, store network and individual systems come together to...

Maximize Resource Return

To achieve the omni-channel dream, retailers need full visibility of their valuable inventory; enterprise resource planning...

Prepare for the Peak

Achieving the omni-channel dream means ensuring you are prepared for peak business traffic, which also benefits your...

The Omni-Channel Destination is Not Always Clear

For the world’s retailers, the journey towards omni-channel is unstoppable, but the actual destination is not always clear.

Predictive Analytics: Stopping Retail Fraudsters

Using predictive analytics retailers can predict where, when and how “return fraud” may occur.

Predictive Retail: Beyond “One in Front” Service

Predictive analytics in retail means knowing—with a great deal of certainty—what your customers are going to want and when,...

Location, Location, Location: Beyond Real Estate

I just had the pleasure in joining a webinar given by guest speaker Mike Gualtieri, principal analyst of Forrester Research....

IoT Can Bring Shelves to Life

Internet of Things-enabled smart shelving will give retailers a whole new meaning for the term “shelf life.”

Do You Know Who I Am?

Location analytics tools and the Internet of Things can help retailers target customers for preferential treatment, creating...

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