Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Retail 2017: New Tribes of the Amazonization


This year there will be further “Amazonization” of retail as many new market entrants - as well as existing retailers -...

Retailers Face a Challenging 2017

I’m looking forward to 2017, I see some interesting times ahead for retail:

Retail Digital Transformation – Survival of the Fittest

Darwinian theory has long been used to explain who wins and who disappears in a competitive business world.  Thus digital...

How to Put “Convenience” into Stores

Open an app on your phone, walk into a store, choose your items and walk out. You don’t need to scan your items or queue at...

Retail IoT is Getting Ready for Prime Time

Retailers are enthusiastic about the Internet of Things, but is it all hyperbole or are they actually getting to grips with...

Running the Tough Mudder of Digital Retail Transformation

Imagine running a Tough Mudder race by yourself, unable to see your competitors, without mile markers telling you how far...

Is the World Ready for Robo-Carts?

As Walmart prepares to launch robotic shopping carts, I wonder if the world is ready for them. Images of out-of-control...

How to Make Merchandise Visible in Real-Time

In retail, it is a cardinal sin to have inventory in the store that is not available for sale. If something is sitting in...

Are Retailers Fit for Digital Transformation?

The retail industry has been at the forefront of Digital Transformation for a number of years.  But what does Digital...

In Future, Retailers may be Missing Something – Inventory

Walmart’s recent acquisition of could take something valuable away from the retailer – inventory.

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