Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Retailers are Slow to Energize Channels

Retailers are failing to channel their energies in omni-channel, despite the obvious benefits.  

Why Does Retail Struggle with Operational Efficiency?

Although the majority of retailers consider operational efficiencies to be of the utmost importance, less than a third are...

Retailers and Iot: A Lot to Learn but Much to Gain

Retailers understand that there are some great benefits to be had from the Internet of Things (IoT), but there is a growing...

How to Anticipate and Fulfil Customer Needs

Imagine a credit card customer call center representative knowing what your problem is before you tell her.

The IoT: Coming to a Kitchen near You

Eat Your Heart Out, Jamie Oliver. The connected kitchen is coming and wannabe chefs will soon be able to use Internet of...

Stores Geek Up for Customers, Efficiencies

Sexy new technologies will engage customers to drive a differentiated shopping experience as well as drive new operational...

Retailers Will Find More Inventory in Real Time

Real-time inventory will be a reality this year once retailers realize that a rip-and-replace program for core systems is...

Retailers Make a Grab for Engaging New Channels

In 2017, you won’t need to have a remote control in order to channel hop; because retailers are moving quickly to connect...

Retail 2017: New Tribes of the Amazonization


This year there will be further “Amazonization” of retail as many new market entrants - as well as existing retailers -...

Retailers Face a Challenging 2017

I’m looking forward to 2017, I see some interesting times ahead for retail:

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