Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Collaboration = NRF 2019, Software AG and Kiabi

Retail today is about collaboration; brick and mortar companies need non-traditional solutions, online retailers need...

Five Ways Retail will Fight Back in 2019

Retail disruption is now a market “given,” and many think that the future is starting to look brighter. Why?

Retailers see Better CX as Top Priority

Even organizations with the most distant view of the retail industry are talking about the importance of improving the...

Gartner: Ready for “Next”

I had a fascinating week at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona, where over 5000 CIOs and senior IT executives came to learn...

Retailer Winners Focus on Driving Innovation

Successful retailers have learned not to take their foot off the gas pedal when it comes to driving innovation, especially...

The Three Senses of Retail

Do retailers really need bricks and mortar for people to truly experience shopping? It would appear so.

Transformation in Retail is Long Overdue

It is no secret that retailers have only recently started to truly understand the need to invest in technology and...

Retail Digital Transformation: Explorer or Leader?

“Digital leaders” in retail are growing revenues at 6% per year and have a price-to-earnings ratio almost twice that of...

Silos are Part of the Retail Problem

Retailers struggle to move forward on e-commerce because their legacy technology stack is acting as an anchor, according to...

Five Sizzling Predictions for Tech-Powered Retail

It’s a long, hot summer; time for holidays and beaches and pondering what is going to happen to the retail industry in the...

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