Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

New Paradigm in B2B Integration - APIs

Files have been the preferred format for exchanging data between two companies for several decades but is it still the most...

What it means to use #1 integration technology

In the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for On-premises Application Integration Suites#, Software AG has been positioned as a...

Why SMB Companies find B2B Integration increasingly relevant?

Large companies have been leveraging B2B Integration to deliver innovative products and services for years. The smaller...

The huge cost of Data Breaches highlights the need for Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solution

Data breaches can be intentional (malicious) or unintentional but one thing is certain that they are very expensive. Data...

How can reliable File Exchange improve Customer Satisfaction?

At the first glance it seems that there is no co-relation between the two. File exchanges are part of IT infrastructure and it...

Is Integration Platform Consolidation For You? (A 3-Step Assessment)

In my last post I talked about convergence and how B2B gateways become converged into larger integration suites. We also...

4 Reasons to Consolidate B2B Integration and Application Integration onto a Single Platform

In the technology world, convergence is happening faster than ever. In consumer electronics, handhelds, PDAs, pagers, cameras,...

5 Reasons to complement B2B Infrastructure with Managed File Transfer (MFT)

B2B Gateways provide crucial business-to-business integration by enabling electronic data exchange of documents between two...

API Lifecycle is Critical for API Management Solutions
Graphical analysis of changes to an API
API Management Demystified
API Management Demystified

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