Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Big Data Strategy Needs a Big Data Gateway

Big Data is gaining adoption and roughly 50% of large corporations have some sort of big data initiative underway.


You Can Accelerate Innovation with Devops

Devops has gone beyond being a trendy buzzword and is now getting real adoption across all industry segments.

webMethods: Infused with Innovation

It’s no secret that webMethods has been there to help you deliver significant business value through your systems...

What’s Your PURE Cloud Integration Vendor Hiding?

Everyone is claiming to be an expert in cloud integration these days. With a cluttered market of providers – and some...

Six Critical Trends for Integration & APIs

Consumer preferences are evolving; they are using everything from smart speakers (virtual assistants) to Amazon Dash buttons...

Why Hybrid is the Future of Integration

Cloud computing has gained momentum to the point where there is a mad rush by organizations to move everything to the cloud.

Microservices will Demolish Monolithic Architectures

The microservices movement will gain strength and slowly keep drilling away at the foundation of monolithic architectures,...

Integration Captures Big Data’s Hidden Value

More and more companies are adopting the Apache Hadoop framework as data volumes grow from gigabytes to terabytes; they need...

Bimodal Development goes Mainstream

Citizen developers and IT departments will sign a bimodal peace treaty with each other this year, as both will now be able...

APIs to Enable “Self-Service” Integration

A decade or two ago, IT was all about applications. Whether it was a word processing app, a spreadsheet, a back office...

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