Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Commerzbank AG Banks on Digital Transformation

Banks are joining the digital revolution. Whereas two years ago McKinsey noted that retail banks had digitized only 20 to 40...

A Strategy for the Unknown

Developing a strategy for the unknown is the most challenging issue facing the CEO today.

How to Make Physical Assets Work Harder

Companies have a love-hate relationship with their physical assets.

Chief Digital Officer: New Renaissance Man (or Woman)

The CDO plays a central role in the digital enterprise and therefore in the future success of the business - any business.

Digital Disruption Eliminates the Middleman

Digital businesses are redefining the concept of consumer access, often by eliminating the middleman to grab a direct link...

Visionary Industries Create Digital Realities

Production sites have changed radically thanks to digital transformation.

IoT Propels Streaming Analytics into Mainstream

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming analytics is beginning to make its way into more mainstream industries.

Fasten your Seatbelts – the Future is Coming Fast!

As the future comes at us faster than ever, businesses must have the agility and speed to profit from innovation.

Digital Companies Go Their Own Way

New technology is blurring industry lines – and you can profit from it.  A post office owner is building electric cars. An...

No Digitization, No Future: an Open Editorial by Software AG CEO

As appeared in Frankfurter Allgemaine – Zeitung fur Deutschland , Germany’s leading daily newspaper

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