Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

How the IoT Shapes Schools, Factories and Mindsets

At Hannover Messe we highlight how the Internet of Things is shaping the way we work and live.

How to Shoot for the Big Data Stars

 The aerospace industry is making satellite data accessible – and geospatial companies are lifting off!

Watch out, Here Comes Digital Germany

Is it time to be dramatic? Yes, it truly is. I don’t think one can be overly dramatic as the shockwaves of digitalization...

More Data, Better Analysis, Better Conclusions

How can digital businesses move from “gut feelings” to fact-based decision making?

CeBIT 2017: Unleash Your Vision for Digital Transformation

I have been the CEO of Software AG for almost 14 years and in that time I have seen many changes in the world of IT.

Commerzbank AG Banks on Digital Transformation

Banks are joining the digital revolution. Whereas two years ago McKinsey noted that retail banks had digitized only 20 to 40...

A Strategy for the Unknown

Developing a strategy for the unknown is the most challenging issue facing the CEO today.

How to Make Physical Assets Work Harder

Companies have a love-hate relationship with their physical assets.

Chief Digital Officer: New Renaissance Man (or Woman)

The CDO plays a central role in the digital enterprise and therefore in the future success of the business - any business.

Digital Disruption Eliminates the Middleman

Digital businesses are redefining the concept of consumer access, often by eliminating the middleman to grab a direct link...

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