Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

IT is the Profit Center of the 21st Century

Mention profit centers and most people immediately think of the IT department - don’t they? Well they should.

If ADAMOS is the Answer – What is the Question?

OK, your first question might be: “What is ADAMOS?” That’s a fair question.

Digitalization: A Good Story Bears Repeating

I’ve extolled the benefits of digitalization before, but as Groucho Marx inferred, a good story bears repeating.

AI: Two Singularities for the Price of One

A technological singularity is a game-changer, but what happens when there are two singularities?

Run For Your Lives – The Robots are Coming!

The media is full of articles today about the possible negative effects of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI)...

A New Way of Doing Everything

This is more than a business we are in – this is re-inventing the world!

Emotional? In Hanover?

Words cannot express the excitement and passion we feel about the impact and innovation possibilities of Digitalization and...

In a Free Economy the Best Technology Wins

A colleague snapped an advertisementat a station in the London Underground recently and I started thinking.

A Plug & Play Digital Business Model

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) opens up a multitude of new business opportunities, limited only by your imagination.

IoT: Retrofitting the World

The Internet of Things (IoT) is producing new technology wonders on a daily basis.

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