Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Delivering the Power of the Connected Enterprise

In my last blog I wrote about the increasing importance of total integration in today’s Internet of Everything economy, and...

Make a Fractured Enterprise Whole

Simple words, but what a powerful statement - and what dramatic implications being “whole” has for the enterprise. The...

Astounding Stories… Amazing Tales

In recent months we have seen many Software AG customer stories hitting the Internet  - and this in itself is astounding.

ROI: Prove it or Lose it

How do you digitalize your business and make it pay for itself (quickly)? That is the 1.3 trillion-dollar question.

The IoT Market – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

It is time to have a look at what is happening in digitalization.

To the Edge and Back Again

What started as the IT “center” has gradually spread to the farthest flung business asset an enterprise employs.

Tackle Digital Disruption with the Right Tools

Every enterprise, large or small, needs a software platform; they are the business enablers of the 21st Century. Without one...

IT is the Profit Center of the 21st Century

Mention profit centers and most people immediately think of the IT department - don’t they? Well they should.

If ADAMOS is the Answer – What is the Question?

OK, your first question might be: “What is ADAMOS?” That’s a fair question.

Digitalization: A Good Story Bears Repeating

I’ve extolled the benefits of digitalization before, but as Groucho Marx inferred, a good story bears repeating.

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