Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Streamlining Big Data Adoption and Enterprise Usage

It’s time to manage and treat Big Data- well, like Big Data.

Tough Love for Code Sets

Without some tough love, code sets can run away from you and wreak havoc with your business functions.

Why webMethods is the #1 Platform for B2B Integration

The title is a teaser, but the upcoming webMethods Wednesday’s webinar of the same name, scheduled for October 19th @11:00pm...

Don't Settle for Siloed Multi-Domain MDM

 Yes.  Arguably, this title may strike some as an oxymoron. 

Eliminating File Transfer Chaos through Managed File Transfer

 Despite the highly competitive levels of innovation we demand from application software and development tools, it's...

Superior Data Quality Drives Better Integration

While integration is designed to move data throughout the enterprise quickly and efficiently, it is not designed to fix bad...

MDM and Integration: A Symbiotic Relationship

Although it may seem that integration technology and master data management systems (MDM) are as different as Camembert and...

MDM Will Get Prettier – and Smarter

This is a guest blog by Ken Do, an MDM Senior Data Steward.

IoT will Meet MDM

Social media, sensor data, and system-generated metadata –oh yes, IoT will meet MDM. But how can MDM actually add value to...

MDM’s Vanishing UI
MDMs Vanishing UI

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