Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Sunny Days Ahead for Fleets

Using solar power and the Internet of Things, fleets can reduce fuel transportation costs – and help save the environment.

Telematics Solution Keeps Track of Rail Freight

There is a certain romance attached to trains chugging along the railroad tracks, taking exotic goods to far-flung areas.

IoT with GPS Tracking: Powerful

What do you get when you put the Internet of Things together with GPS? (No, this is not a riddle!)

Providing End-To-End IT Security

Dr. Michael Waidner, Professor of Secure Information Technology at Frauenhofer SIT.  

Transforming Software Architecture for the IoT

Dr. Reinhard Schütte, Professor of Business Informatics and Integrated Information Systems at the University of...

IoT Drives New Business Models

Dr. Friedemann Mattern, Professor of Distributed Systems at ETH Zurich.


End-To-End Modeling of Smart Ecosystems

Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer, Professor Software Engineering: Dependability at Kaiserslautern University of Technology.

Data Lakes: Still Waters run Deep

Dr. Jens Dittrich, Professor of Information Systems Group at Saarland University.

AI Drives the Second Wave of Digitalization

Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Saarland University.

How Digitalization is Changing Customer Behavior

In this blog, I interview Steffen Kramer, B2B Industry Manager for Google Germany. Steffen is a keynote speaker for Software...

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