SAG_Astounding_Stories_Twitter_MEME_June18In recent months we have seen many Software AG customer stories hitting the Internet  - and this in itself is astounding.

Why is that? Because Software AG customers don’t normally like to talk in public about the innovative solutions they develop with our software; often it provides them with their own unique competitive edge and is central to their continued success.

I have mentioned several of them in my blogs, like Schwering & Hasse, which produces enough copper wire to reach from the Earth to the orbits of Mars every year - but can still identify quality issues within an inch (OK, 2.54 cm - but sometimes an inch just sounds better). Or the city of Medellin in Columbia, that went from the having the highest murder rate in the world to a UN prize-winning city, with software playing a fundamental role. Or RADAR-CNS, which is performing ground-breaking research in medicine.

Because what we do is so central to the success of our customers, they can be a little bit shy in saying publicly exactly what they are doing with our products. This includes how they manage their own customer-facing business operations and what their future innovation plans are. Our software is their business, you could say.

This was brought home to me at CeBIT last week when I saw a familiar advertisement saying “company X runs SAP.” Then I saw a quote from the Flight Operations Manager of the Japanese airline ANA: “ANA cannot fly without webMethods.”

Our customers don’t run Software AG, Software AG runs our customers’ core businesses and is fundamental to our claim that our customers’ success is our success. It simply couldn’t be any other way. Total customer centricity is fundamental to how we do business.

This is no criticism of our competitors: SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. produce excellent software that does exactly what it is supposed to do, efficiently support various departments in a standard way. Software AG, on the other hand, provides cutting-edge competitiveness.

Among our recent announcements is our partnership with Bilfinger: Software AG’s technology is core to the future of Bilfinger Digital Next – the source of future growth and profitability for a company that knows it, and its customers, must digitally transform if they are to maintain decades of market success.

Or POST Luxembourg – just look at this list for the breadth of applications: “With Cumulocity IoT, our customers will be able to better manage their resources, parking, water, environment, efficiently control energy usage, manage traffic, and take advantage of numerous other applications - fleet management, crash detection, insurance telematics and eco-driving.”

I guess the kitchen sink is in there somewhere, but we are not talking about a more efficient back-office – this is the customer-facing digital future of POST Luxembourg. Oh - and it was delivered in six short weeks!

 Or the British Army: “Without effective data and services, it’s very difficult for planners to understand our forces’ state of readiness, or to create much-needed services for our soldiers; this is where the Software AG API suite is adding real value… We have been very impressed by Software AG from the very beginning: they have a thorough understanding of the challenges we face.”

Total customer centricity anyone?

Other recent customers include Ooredoo, the telecommunications company in Qatar building a new digital business, Trackerando marketing a broad portfolio of GPS tracking solutions in Germany,  Telefónica in Spain, London buses too, and finally Austria’s A1 Digital (in German only)!

These enterprises represent a whole fleet of customers that wouldn’t be able to fly into a bright digital future without Software AG.

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