SAG_Twitter_Work@SAG_Jan17.jpgHave you occasionally asked yourself why you chose Software AG as your employer?

I decided to look back and have a think. Now, and then, the reasons remain the same – its history, flexibility, internationality and trend-setting technology. 

Even though Software AG is not visible everywhere and our logo is not spread across buildings around the world, we are in fact everywhere. Every day, leading brands use our innovative products and solutions in order to be able to make an impact in today’s ever-growing digital world.

Our biggest strength is our size; with around 4500 employees around the globe we have the opportunity to constantly liaise closely with colleagues and customers from different in 70 different countries.

Our employees are offered countless opportunities to make a real difference - learning by doing rather than watching and learning. They are able to work on products that have a critical business impact on their customers’ companies. And our customers receive new and fresh ideas from them.

It is exactly this mix of tradition, internationality, flexibility and implementing current trends using modern technology that makes Software AG so unique. Every single day every single employee lives our corporate culture - working with colleagues, hand-in hand across borders and time zones.

Software AG has more than four decades of software experience and as such has a massive collection of knowledge which young and old can benefit from. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Software AG is the right choice to shape up your career path – it surely shaped mine. Visit to join our fast-growing technology company now and let us help you rise to your full potential.


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