SAG_Twitter_MEME_A&NApps_880x440_Nov18Running Adabas & Natural applications on container platforms and the cloud will make your digital transformation faster, easier and give you greater flexibility.

At  our 2018 Product Release Virtual Event we focused on the theme of accelerating and simplifying digital transformation. For an event that covers topics ranging from Alfabet to Zementis and everything in between, some amazing developments are bound to be overlooked.

That’s why I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit one of the more exciting capabilities directly related to making digital transformation faster, easier, and more flexible: The ability to run Adabas & Natural applications on container platforms and the cloud. Without making any changes to the code, it’s now easy to re-host existing applications that operate in on-premises IT infrastructures such as the mainframe, UNIX, Linux or Windows, to the cloud deployment model of your choice.

Almost every user of Adabas & Natural relies on us to power mission-critical operations. At the same time, businesses need to modernize their IT infrastructure strategies to move faster with more flexibility and scalability. Now that businesses can “lift and shift” Adabas & Natural from on-premises infrastructure to container platforms like Docker and Kubernetes, it’s an easy process to bring trusted applications into a modern multi-cloud deployment strategy.

For anyone looking to update its IT infrastructure to include cloud deployment, the ability to run Adabas & Natural applications on container platforms will benefit your business in several interconnected ways.

  • Migrate your application workload to an IT infrastructure that enables an iterative approach, where IT follows your evolving business strategy and goals.
  • Save money by shifting Adabas & Natural applications off the mainframe and UNIX.
  • Combine container and cloud with DevOps and the Eclipse-based NaturalONE development environment to address changing business requirements and innovate faster.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in by leveraging containers that allow you to switch among private and public cloud platforms.

All this adds up to the potential for improved scalability, availability, performance, deployment and operations on a harmonized IT infrastructure portfolio. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that by avoiding the need to rip and replace your existing, trusted applications, you can greatly reduce risk, costs and delays associated with deploying new applications for your mission-critical operations.

Running Adabas & Natural applications on container and cloud platforms is one of many new capabilities that we’re rolling out as part of our Adabas & Natural 2050+ initiative to bring reliable, high-performing applications into the modern world. If you’re looking to modernize your IT infrastructure, let us show you how to build on them to bring the future of business into your company, such as creating microservices and modular functions connected through APIs.

Want to learn more? Check out the replay of our 2018 Product Release Virtual Event and see below for all the ways you can build your digital business future with mission-critical, ready-for-digital Adabas & Natural applications.

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