Abu Dhabi: Street Smart

Anthony Sayers
By Anthony Sayers - October 22, 2018

ADMAbu Dhabi is leading the race to become the smartest city in the world. It is already considered the smartest in the Middle East, according to McKinsey.

This is because of its technology base, with “a critical mass of smartphones and sensors connected by high-speed communication networks,” and its use of specific applications that can turn raw data into alerts.

It is now getting even smarter, thanks to its smart city project (with partner Technology Strategies Middle East), where Cumulocity IoT was chosen as the foundation IoT platform of choice. The Abu Dhabi City Municipality launched the pilot phase of the five-year the Zayed project for smart cities and artificial intelligence earlier this year to validate key use cases and its viability.

The pioneering, city-wide project is designed to digitally transform the environmental, social, and financial aspects of urban life to improve the lives of Abu Dhabi’s citizens and visitors. The project envisions the future, drives innovation, and provides a “best-in-the-world” infrastructure. Cumulocity IoT is the foundation for any digital city project because it allows for all smart city initiatives to be integrated into a single unified platform.

During the proof of concept, there were ten use-cases spanning sensors, actuators and Cumulocity IoT to connect key components across the city. The project was centered in Abu Dhabi’s “Corniche area” and used Low Power WAN (LPWAN) technologies to transport sensor data from across the city to a central office, where Cumulocity IoT used code-free integration capabilities to monitor and manage the use-cases.

The ten use-cases include air quality monitoring, asset tracking and logistics monitoring, structural health monitoring, water metering, palm tree weevil detection, street lighting, smart parking, waste management, water storage tank monitoring, and swimming pool monitoring.

Cumulocity IoT’s comprehensive integration capabilities ensure that secure connectivity to any “Thing” can be achieved quickly and easily. It operates across the cloud, on premises and at the edge, and provides enterprises and Service Providers with total freedom and choice in designing, building, deploying and evolving their IoT distributed deployments seamlessly across any network.

We are thrilled that Cumulocity IoT is a part of Abu Dhabi’s transformation into the smartest city in the world. To learn more about Cumulocity IoT and the part it has to play in making any city smarter, please click below.

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