SAG_Twitter_MEME_A&N_Very_Good_Year_880x440_Dec18-12018 has been a banner year for Adabas & Natural. Just two short years ago we launched the Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda —maintaining and modernizing the critical applications that Adabas & Natural customers rely on until at least the year 2050.  

But there has already been an amazing amount of progress in helping our users bring their trusted legacy applications into the future, without having to take a rip-and-replace approach. While there’s still much work to be done, we’re thrilled at the ways Adabas & Natural can serve as a core part of your digitalization efforts.

So as we build for the future, it’s worth a second look at the highlights of the year:

  • Doubling down on DevOps: We’ve strengthened our commitment to supporting the DevOps environment so our customers can develop and deliver applications faster, more transparently and at a higher quality. Today, Eclipse-based NaturalONE is the strategic development environment for Natural on the mainframe and for Unix/Linux applications. NaturalONE is an integrated development environment that makes it easy to develop, modernize, manage, integrate, test, and maintain your applications, as well as expose Natural objects as services for future architectures.
  • Migrating to container and cloud: Without changing any code, customers can easily “lift and shift” Adabas & Natural from on-premises infrastructure (mainframe, UNIX, Linux or Windows) to container platforms and cloud environments of their choice (including Docker®, Kubernetes and Red Hat®, OpenShift), improving scalability and simplifying provisioning and deployment.
  • Offloading mainframes with zIIP: We are offering additional capabilities for users to offload workloads to the IBM® zIIP™ processor to save costs with mainframe offloading without risking operations or requiring code changes. ZIIP-enabled Natural platforms routinely cut CPU consumption on the mainframe by 70-90%, saving serious money and bringing rapid ROI.
  • Microservices and APIs: Customers can expose Natural business logic as API services with a one-click approach. The new version of EntireX supports standard REST/JSON™ API interfaces that can easily be plugged into an API management platform.
  • New data insights: Adabas can be integrated with data warehouse, business intelligence, cloud, artificial intelligence and big data/data lake technologies (such as in-memory, NoSQL, Hadoop® and ElasticSearch®) so you can turn your existing information into actionable intelligence.
  • Managing the generational change: We’re continuing to build resources for the new community of Adabas & Natural developers, including self-learning videos and a renewed focus on Adabas & Natural product training, so that it’s easier than ever to train new talent.

We understand how important it is for our customers to leverage Adabas & Natural for accelerated, simplified digital transformation. If you haven’t yet had a chance to see the 2018 Virtual Product Release Event keynote, it’s well worth hearing from Guido Falkenberg, our SVP of Global Adabas & Natural Customer Innovation, on what the future holds.

Despite the progress in 2018, we’re just getting started with the Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda. We’re committed to finding more ways to help you optimize IT operations to reduce costs, modernize applications for users who want to embrace new technologies, and transform your business and IT architecture to be digital-software-driven.

Stay tuned to see what the New Year brings — and, as 2018 wraps up, my sincere thanks to every user who is bringing Adabas & Natural into their digital future. Here’s to an even stronger year ahead!


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