SAG_Twitter_MEME_New_Way_Mar17.jpgThis is more than a business we are in – this is re-inventing the world!

Last year I published a blog post about a small announcement that has huge implications – a research project to explore real-time patient measurement and location and context-aware healthcare. My first post is still valid and I am dedicating this new post to the great people involved.

Let me say this again: We are at the cusp of an IT revolution of a magnitude never seen before and we at Software AG, along with our partners such as RADAR-CNS, are exploring ideas and building game-changing use cases powered by a modern Digital Business Platform that will change the way we live, for the better.

It is a privilege to be part of an organization that gives the tools to enterprises, research institutes, government departments and universities that they need to tackle the issues and challenges facing, and I won’t be shy, mankind.

Although the research, supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), is still in its early stages, the ultimate goal is to remotely identify health issues and danger signals for people with chronic illnesses, possibly before they are aware themselves. 

If successful, this research could eventually allow for people to be released from hospitals earlier, to the comfort of their own homes, freeing resources and providing better, more exact and focused healthcare “improving the lives of the millions of people worldwide with chronic illnesses like epilepsy, depression and multiple sclerosis.”  

To put this announcement in its full context:  healthcare costs in OECD countries have risen from an average of 5% of GDP in 1970 to around 11% now (12% of GDP in Germany) and forecast to almost double by 2050. This will be a huge burden on a shrinking workforce; having to support an increasing number of retirees with lengthening life expectancies.  But digitization and the IoT can provide solutions that will enhance services while supporting viable economic growth and global development.

At Software AG we have a long history of innovative projects that tackle the real-life issues facing people: from supporting the rejuvenation of Medellin City, Columbia to providing free essential services  to those that cannot afford them in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality in South Africa.

But today, it is the incredible possibilities that we (a simple software company) have to change the world for the better that is staggering. Almost every project that we engage in, in the public or private sector, has a positive impact on the issues facing humanity today. This is not just a new way of doing business; this is a new way of living.

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