Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Take Real Steps to Execute Data Governance

It’s becoming increasingly crystal clear that a lot of enterprise data is not crystal clear.

Internal API Pragmatism & Value Capture

In my first blog, I discussed how hard it is to monetize APIs and that many banks are trying to do this the wrong way – i.e....

The “How” of IoT: Don’t Start with the Technology!

The first rule of how to do Internet of Things implementations is don’t start with the technology.

UK Innovation Tour 2017: Bet your “Digital” Life

In just a few weeks we will be welcoming our customers to Software AG’s signature UK Innovation Tour event.

Why the Rush to Digitalize Banking?

The initiative to open up bank APIs to third parties, driven by regulation and market forces, is causing a rush toward...

Finding that Rare Jack-of-all-trades, the DPO

The best data protection officers (DPO) can write their own ticket these days, commanding salaries of up to £1 million per...

Why Star Wars’ robots are deliberately annoying

The Star Wars universe is filled with annoying robots; they are terrible workers, nervous, inattentive and sloppy.

The Future of Hybrid Integration is webMethods

 I’ve been talking a lot about Integration Cloud on our webinars and blogs to get the word out about why Software AG is...

API Monetization:  Indoors then Outdoors

I am often faced with a common question when interacting with banks and financial houses about their API strategy.

AI: Two Singularities for the Price of One

A technological singularity is a game-changer, but what happens when there are two singularities?

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