Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

USA: Ignore GDPR at Your Own Risk

Recent reports note that 75% of non-IT leaders at US firms are ignoring the European Union’s General Data Protection...

UK Innovation Tour 2017: Get Smarter!

On 28 September we will be welcoming our customers to Software AG’s signature UK Innovation Tour event at the iconic Andaz...

How to IoT: EA and IT Portfolio Management

In our previous blogs, we established that organizations are tired of hearing what the Internet of Things is; instead they...

To Boost a Bank’s Bottom Line, Start in the Middle

Banks and other financial trading firms are under constant pressure to improve their bottom lines.

Opening up the Data Fortress

A move to open banking is akin to letting strangers get into your data fortress, one that you have been guarding and...

Take our Survey and Win an iPad!

Dear webMethods B2B customer; Please help us shape the webMethods B2B Integration product line in the cloud and win an iPad!

Digitalization: A Good Story Bears Repeating

I’ve extolled the benefits of digitalization before, but as Groucho Marx inferred, a good story bears repeating.

Gartner: Determine your Role Under GDPR

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming in May 2018 and preparing for it will be a time-consuming and...

Innovation Tour 2017: Made in Digital Germany

How much is digitalization changing our global economy? Which disruptive technologies are catching on?

External API Pragmatism & Value Capture

In my last blog, I discussed using chargeback and showback methods that will help organizations to capture value in internal...

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