Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

AI Roundtable: What did we Discover?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will one day become so commonplace that it will fade into the background, according to...

Ten Years of the MoveYourFeet Campaign

Since 2007, Software AG’s employees have been supporting people in need through our MoveYourFeet Charity Campaign. 

Post Brexit, GDPR Sharks Still Circle UK

Question: What European Union law has a profound impact on UK organizations (as well as other countries around the world)?

GDPR: Collaborate and Conquer

If the high number of attendees for our latest webinar, “GDPR: Create the right basis now for compliance in 2018 and...

Retail Suppliers rethink their cloud strategy

I sense a disturbance in the cloud. Thousands of organizations that supply goods and services to Walmart cried out in terror...

Risky Business: What you don’t know CAN hurt you

You may associate “risky business” with your favorite alcoholic beverage* or Tom Cruise dancing in his skivvies while...

Retailers Need to Watch for Hidden GDPR Risks

There are many hidden dangers for retailers in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Will AI become the new UI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has given us the likes of Siri, Google and Amazon’s Alexa, but is talking to devices the future...

Amazon & Whole Foods – Driving Digital Disruption

The biggest story in technology of 2017 is also a retail one; Amazon’s surprise $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods.

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