Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Highlighting Integration at Gartner’s Application Summit

Software AG will showcase one of its most innovative customers – Grainger – along with its webMethods Integration platform...

Can you Learn to Digitally Innovate in a Day?

While the short answer is no, it’s worth considering what you can learn from others who have already found better ways to do...

Work/Life Balance Equals Successful Employees

As a trailblazer of digitalization, Software AG works in a fast-paced and competitive industry.

Chief Digital Officer: New Renaissance Man (or Woman)

The CDO plays a central role in the digital enterprise and therefore in the future success of the business - any business.

Why Hybrid is the Future of Integration

Cloud computing has gained momentum to the point where there is a mad rush by organizations to move everything to the cloud.

The CEO Walks into His Bank and Says…

The CEO walks into his bank and says: “How do we get to be ‘digital first?’”

How to Achieve Transparency and Visibility in Government IT

Without transparency and visibility of your IT environment, you are increasing risk, costs, and problems.  No one wants...

Collateral Management: Clear Your Vision

Dealers with a blurry vision of their risk exposure are slowly coming undone. 

Retail IoT is Getting Ready for Prime Time

Retailers are enthusiastic about the Internet of Things, but is it all hyperbole or are they actually getting to grips with...

Innovation Day 2016: Engage, Educate and Add Value

At Software AG we believe in engaging with our clients, educating each other and exposing us all to new ideas and...

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