Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Digital Disruption Eliminates the Middleman

Digital businesses are redefining the concept of consumer access, often by eliminating the middleman to grab a direct link...

IT Portfolio Management Pointes your Digital Strategy Forward

Not many people would associate “boldness” and “tenacity” with the rather bromidic and matter-of-fact world of IT; just as...

Seamless Integration for Mainframe Environments

In this month’s blog I want to talk about integration.  Integration is sometimes thought of as merely the “plumbing” of an...

For Digital Transformation, Orchestrate your Moving Parts

Becoming a digital organization requires the orchestration of a lot of moving parts; many technologies and business units...

Breaking the Barriers Between Fintechs and Banks

Start-ups such as fintech companies are uncovering innovative ways to provide better and cheaper services to customers.

Capital Markets Firms Embrace Cloud Transformation

Cloud adoption in capital markets is gathering momentum, led by the increasing acceptance of the cloud by regulators as well...

Chatting with Your Smart Home Could Get Easier

You can manage your smart home – lights off, doors locked - by tapping buttons on your mobile phone. You can order laundry...

Nobody Likes a Double Standard, Not Even in IT

Standard: 1.) Something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or...

Why webMethods is the #1 Platform for B2B Integration

The title is a teaser, but the upcoming webMethods Wednesday’s webinar of the same name, scheduled for October 19th @11:00pm...

Apama Community Edition: IoT, Raspberry Pi and Runtime

From developers to manufacturers and consumers, the Internet of Things is commanding some serious attention these days.

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