Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

A New Way of Doing Everything

This is more than a business we are in – this is re-inventing the world!

Visions of 2050: The Future and Adabas & Natural

The year 2050 is just 33 short years away; and, if space pioneers have it their way, we’ll be vacationing on Mars just eight...

Why Does Retail Struggle with Operational Efficiency?

Although the majority of retailers consider operational efficiencies to be of the utmost importance, less than a third are...

Rounding up the Talent at CeBIT 2017

CeBIT, the world’s biggest IT exhibition, can also be regarded as a talent magnet.

Why architecture is crucial for business strategy success

Gaps between business strategy and architecture can cause a failure to execute new business strategies; hampering your...

How to Shoot for the Big Data Stars

 The aerospace industry is making satellite data accessible – and geospatial companies are lifting off!

Banks: Pruning the Branches in 2017

Banks are accelerating the closure of brick and mortar branches this year, as they encourage older customers to gravitate to...

Retailers and Iot: A Lot to Learn but Much to Gain

Retailers understand that there are some great benefits to be had from the Internet of Things (IoT), but there is a growing...

Watch out, Here Comes Digital Germany

Is it time to be dramatic? Yes, it truly is. I don’t think one can be overly dramatic as the shockwaves of digitalization...

Digitalization: Nothing Comes from Nothing

While listening to a colleague go on about the effort that needs to go into cutting IT operations spending to increase...

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