Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Retailers Make a Grab for Engaging New Channels

In 2017, you won’t need to have a remote control in order to channel hop; because retailers are moving quickly to connect...

Supply Chain 2017: A Digital Obsession

From the strength of the Internet of Things to an explosion in automation and a severe shortage of operations talent, supply...

This is the Year of the Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence chatbot engines are becoming part of customer interaction in every channel, and capabilities are...

A Strategy for the Unknown

Developing a strategy for the unknown is the most challenging issue facing the CEO today.

Internet of Things: Devices Have Changed

Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) devices are changing rapidly and they increasingly have their own specific needs, requiring...

Retail 2017: New Tribes of the Amazonization


This year there will be further “Amazonization” of retail as many new market entrants - as well as existing retailers -...

The IoT is Buzzing in 2017

There is going to be a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things this year, with smart Things and Chatbots taking center...

How webMethods MDM Consolidates Any Customer Data

Customer data is only as valuable as a company’s ability to manage and consolidate it. 

Uber and Airbnb are Not the Digital Economy

When is disruption a bad thing? According to the London black cab driver I had recently, it is when Uber comes to town.

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