Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Don’t Let your Supply Chain Ruin Christmas

Unless you equip your supply chain with resilience you could be labeled as the Grinch who stole someone’s Christmas.

Manufacturers: Digitalization Means the Whole Enchilada

“The whole enchilada” is an American expression meaning everything –as in take everything into consideration.

Visionary Industries Create Digital Realities

Production sites have changed radically thanks to digital transformation.

Streaming Analytics is Here to Stay

Like the Great Wall of China, streaming analytics took a long time to build, but now that it is part of the landscape it is...

Disruption: Trailblazing Innovation, not Following Convention!

A casual look at a dictionary will show you the destructive power of disruption: Disruption – noun, plural noun: disruptions...

Think Fast, Then Slow: Duality Defines our World

In his book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Daniel Kahnemann describes two types of thinking. 

CFTC Rules: Preventing the Rise of the Cybermen

The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently finalized a set of cyber security rules, designed to help...

Welcoming Woz to Software AG’s Digital Business Day NYC

When we held our Digital Business Day in San Francisco, Steve Wozniak, our guest speaker, delighted the audience with...

How to Make Merchandise Visible in Real-Time

In retail, it is a cardinal sin to have inventory in the store that is not available for sale. If something is sitting in...

Strategy costs money, so don’t shoot the messenger

Enterprise architects are participating more in discussions on business strategy and initiatives these days – but perhaps...

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