Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Geeks Make the Difference

Today is Geek Pride Day, a day to celebrate people who love mathematics and computers - and Star Wars films.

Let’s Talk About OPEX

Who doesn’t want to drive down costs while improving the customer experience and keeping employees happy? That is what...

Take SCADA to the Next Level with IoT

The Internet of Things is set to revolutionize the pursuit of operational excellence in the oil and gas industries, and...

Avoiding GDPR’s ‘Opt-In’ Redundancy

We’re down to dotting of the i’s and crossing the t's for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

ROI: Prove it or Lose it

How do you digitalize your business and make it pay for itself (quickly)? That is the 1.3 trillion-dollar question.

Final Countdown for GDPR


Will things ever be the same again?” As the 1980’s song by Swedish rock band Europe said, it is “the final countdown” for...

It’s Not Magic, It’s Innovation

We are proud to announce that Gartner has named Software AG a Leader in its 2018 “Magic Quadrant* for Full Life Cycle API...

Never Lose Anything (or Anyone) Again

Did you ever dream of running away from home when you were a child? Most kids do.

Who is your Next Competitor?

You just got home, you are tired, but it’s time to get dinner started – what do you do?

Healthcare and the Digital Nervous System

How close are we to having a digital nervous system for healthcare?

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