Move Over B2B Exchanges, Business Networks Are Here!

Exchanges documents for business transactions between 2 companies has been the de-facto model for decades. The number of documents and the size just goes up every year increasing cost and complexity. Cloud adoption for B2B may change all of that.

In a November 2012 blog post entitled “Forrester Introduces The Business Network Concept,” Forrester Research, Inc., Principal Stefan Ried has defined a concept called ‘Business Networks’ which injects the missing component ‘Trust’ in these B2B exchanges. As companies move towards Cloud and move critical pieces of IT like CRM and ERPs into Cloud, conducting B2B in the cloud becomes the next step.

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Make B2B Sourcing Strategy #1 Priority For Globalization

If you have globalization plans and want to extend the reach of your business into Asia and Africa, B2B sourcing strategy is the number #1 thing to focus on.

Apart from cultural and regulatory challenges, you will find a whole new world when start dealing with local suppliers. Every thing from contracting terms to negotiating techniques and level of sophistication of their B2B systems will be different.

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Is B2B Consolidation Your New Year’s Resolution?

As the economy improves and B2B activity grows across the globe, what is your plan? If you are still running clunky old solutions that need an army to run and maintain then you need to make a New Years’s resolution to modernize and consolidate your B2B systems.

Why? Good question. As with every technology, solutions becomes out dated. The EDI-VANs of 1980s and standalone EDI translators from 90s are as out-dated as the first Palm Pilot. There might be a few Palm fans still using their Pilot but its not as feature rich and productive compared to modern iOS and Android devices.  Its outdated but still works, so why do I need to change?

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