B2B headlines in 2012 brought surprises, from Hurricane Sandy disrupting supply chains for the holiday to technology companies announcing they’ll re-source some production and manufacturing to the Americas.

Before diving into the New Year, we decided to review the top five trends of 2012 to see if we could glean any lessons for the 2013. As it turns out, we think many will continue to be important issues in the coming year.

Although it didn’t make our top five list, a definite top 10 example is the changes to the Asian supply chain. In 2012, we saw the seeds of a new Asian supply chain, with companies manufacturing and outsourcing within the region. The east is no longer content to provide cheap labor and goods for the west, but is now a developing market in it’s own right. Most recently, we’ve seen signs of this in China’s efforts to fortify it’s manufacturing position.

This will continue to be major news in 2013, as companies adjust to the changing labor conditions and seek to establish themselves with Asia’s growing middle class.

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