What Will 2013 Bring in B2B?

B2B headlines in 2012 brought surprises, from Hurricane Sandy disrupting supply chains for the holiday to technology companies announcing they’ll re-source some production and manufacturing to the Americas.

Before diving into the New Year, we decided to review the top five trends of 2012 to see if we could glean any lessons for the 2013. As it turns out, we think many will continue to be important issues in the coming year.

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As 2012 Draws To A Close…..

2012 turned out to be a great year for supply chains.  Transportation was obtainable, costs to serve remained low, inventory reductions continued to occur, customers became a little happier with their suppliers and all supply chain organizations became very used to the “once in a lifetime” supply disruptions that occur once every quarter.  What will be more interesting is how 2013 will progress but one aspect of 2012 will absolutely continue into 2013

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Maximizing The Value of Insourcing

The Atlantic wrote a very informative article on the emergence of insourcing and how they have succesfully leveraged this to reduce costs, increase customer service, bring products to market faster and become more agile as a company.  It is a very, very good article and it positions insourcing as a clear trend that many businesses will follow based on the cost results obtained by GE.  While it is a great article, it does detail the entire picture.

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Gain B2B Visibility to Reduce Stock-Outs During Holiday Season

It is the wonderful time of the year, especially for retailers. Now if you are a retailer you most likely hate stock outs especially during the holiday season. The question is how can you avoid them and keep the customers in the store and the registers ringing.

You can use a number of methods to gain visibility into stock/inventories and make sure your customers do not find shelves empty. Optimizing B2B supply chain to gain visibility can result in profits higher than any holiday season marketing campaign.

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