Obtaining and leveraging Supply Chain Visibility is being pursued by an ever growing list of companies across multiple industries.  While the selection of tools to aid this endeavor seems to be unending, the real question is how will customers react?  Will a new normal be defined in the near future as more and more companies capitalize on these capabilities?

Absolutely.  Expectations have consistently changed based on the tools that become available and their influence on businesses.  Is anyone interested in utilizing a brand new word processor?  It increases productivity light years when compared to a type writer.  Unfortunately, changing expectations apply to, fairly or unfairly, all companies that sell products or provide services to that customer or industry.  The good news, the organizations that deliver the initial improvements not only shape the “new normal” but also are viewed as value added, strategic providers by their customers.  Late adopters are not necessarily viewed as
non-strategic in nature but they are expected to adhere to the “new normal”.

The fast follower gets the best of both worlds.  They will still influence the “new normal”, if they follow fast enough, will reap the benefits of doing so, and are able to leverage the experience that Supply Chain Visibility providers have obtained through early adopter implementations.  Expectations of normal are being continually redefined, are you helping to determine the “new normal” or are you setting the bar for everyone else?