It’s amazing the quantity of companies that are unhappy with their current level of performance with their supply chain or their organization as a whole.  Typically these enterprises know what is needed to improve their current performance, know how to do it but struggle with execution.  But why?  These companies have talented individuals so a lack of intellectual capital is usually not the issue.

The underlying issue can be attributed to the culture of an organization and when an organization is struggling, it is easy for a culture of persistent helplessness to exist.  Consulting firms suggest a rigorous change management program be enacted with executive level support and focus to remedy the issue.  However, another alternative exists that is often overlooked: focusing on and leveraging momentum.

The great thing about momentum is that it can be gained from small projects that deliver tangible results and it carries over to other projects and departments.  If a Supply Chain Visibility project is generates tangible positive results, the momentum captured by the project team will spill over to other projects, whether they are process mapping, SOP documenting or some other required project.  Success begets more success and is the greatest, leverageable strength for the consultant recommended change management program.

To obtain and build momentum, find a project that is small, scalable and delivers tangible results. Focusing on manageable projects that are visible to both co-workers and the c-suite creates initial motivation.  Typically, anything that affects revenue growth, profitability and customer satisfaction will garner attention at all levels of an organization.  Once the initial project is completed, be prepared to launch directly into the next initiative without hesitation.

For example, a supply chain initiative might be bringing greater visibility to an order-to-cash process.  This satisfies the revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction requirement, can be accomplished in as little as eight weeks which satisfies the speed requirement, and can be used to launch a process mapping, process intelligence and a full Business Process Management initiative either within the supply chain function or scale to other enterprise functions.  While it does take a bit of planning, obtaining and building on momentum is a powerful deliverable that cannot be overlooked.