It’s amazing what technology can do: Share a thought across the globe in seconds, pin-point your location through your cell phone, even operate with a tiny laser incision.

But despite technologies many advances, it’s not always widely embraced. The B2B sector seems particularly slow to change: EDI has been around since the 1970s, and yet, paper and email still play a significant role in the day-to-day operations between businesses.

In fact, it seems a good many of you are still killing trees to get things done. A 2009 study found that paper checks accounted for about one in six of all global transactions, according to Another study, this one from 2011, found that three-fourths of companies still receive their invoices as emailed PDFs. Even more shocking, half of those then print out these electronic invoices for processing!

We’re curious about how far along readers are when it comes to being truly automated when it comes to purchase orders, shipping notices, and other processes related to business-to-business transactions. Do you have an EDI system in place? Do you rely on FTP? Is Excel your invoice system? Or is your company using some “other” type of process?

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