Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Girls’ Day 2018 at Software AG

It’s not always a man’s world; but how many articles have you read lately about the lack of women in top positions within...

Powering Cleaner Buses for a Greener London

Everybody loves the iconic London bus. But older, diesel-burning London buses are contributing to a serious air pollution...

Your Digital Twin wants to talk to You

What is a digital twin? It is a representation of your physical assets; it represents what you have now and what you want to...

IT Transformation in Manufacturing: Stop the Bloat

The keystone of IT Transformation is visibility. Where are you spending your cash?

File Bots: MFT’s Not-So-Secret Agents

As Facebook users will tell you, there are good bots - and bad bots. So, in addition to RPA (robotic process automation),...

Less is More – a Lesson in Architecture
While listening to my colleague’s webinar, “ Seeing clearly with enterprise architecture (EA)-based application portfolio...
Hello In-memory, Goodbye Latency
What’s the big deal with in-memory databases? Well, imagine you run a bank and you want to know how today’s volatile...
Telefónica Leads the Way to IoT

How do you lead the way to the Internet of Things in Spain? Ser pan comido! It’s a piece of cake when you team up with...

Put Process Mining into Context

Process mining without contextual models provides only half the truth.

Eight Things that Matter in IoT

Eight is the luckiest number in Chinese culture; this is because its pronunciation “ba” sounds like “fa” – the word for...

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