Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Retail Ecosystems Require Cooperation… and APIs

A retail ecosystem exists when companies work together to satisfy the needs of consumers. 

Smart Predictive Maintenance Solution is a Winner

It comes as no surprise that Gardner Denver’s Smart Compressor Monitoring Service, iConn, is up for the Technical Innovation...

Cooking up a Superior Customer Journey

Making your customers feel valued and engaged is a top priority for organisations today. This is why, at the Adobe Summit...

Break Free from the High Cost of Legacy

Escape from the high costs of legacy technology while liberating your existing applications for maximum impact.

IoT Habit #4: Work Backward to go Forward

(Or: What IoT can learn from Steve Jobs)

We are STILL Leading Edge in IoT!

The rapid maturity of edge computing is creating a new era of IoT architectures.

How to Deliver a Personalised Customer Experience

Today, every company is facing what seems like a tidal wave of customer expectations. Your customers expect you to instantly...

Free Trial of webMethods 10.4!

The latest release of the webMethods Integration Platform, version 10.4, is now available for a free trial.

Gartner EA Summit: Meet, Greet, Listen and Learn!

We’re excited to be participating in one of the premier enterprise architecture events of the year: The Gartner Enterprise...

How to Gain Control of Change

Today, few organizations would make the mistake of ignoring change - and very few would make the mistake of ignoring the...

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